Tuesday, February 23, 2010

William T Grant Foundation Evidence-based Research Grant

Through this RFP, the William T Grant Foundation supports empirical, theory-building studies of what affects policymakers’ and practitioners’ acquisition, interpretation, and use of research evidence. They are interested in policy and practice directly relevant to youth ages 8 to 25 in the United States. Areas of focus can include education, juvenile justice, child welfare, health, family support, employment, and youth programs.

Amount: $100,000 - $600,000 (across 2 - 3 years)

Date due: May 6, 2010

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APF Visionary & Weiss grants

The American Psychological Foundation (APF) Visionary and Weiss grants seek to seed innovation through supporting research, education, and intervention projects and programs that use psychology to solve social problems in the following priority areas:

  • Understanding and fostering the connection between mental and physical health to ensure well-being;
  • Reducing stigma and prejudice to promote unity and harmony;
  • Understanding and preventing violence to create a safer, more humane world; and
  • Supporting programs that address the long-term psychological needs of individuals and communities in the aftermath of disaster.
Amount: $10,000 for one year

Date due: March 15, 2010

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Investigator Initiated Grant on Youth Settings

The William T. Grant Foundation supports work to improve the settings of youth between the ages of 8 and 25 in the United States. The foundation supports high-quality research designed to enhance the understanding of how youth settings work, how they affect youth development, and how they can be improved, as well as when, how, and under what conditions research evidence is used in policy and practice that affect youth and how its use can be improved.

Applicants should submit a project that is consistent with the foundation's current research interests; addresses issues that have compelling relevance for theory, policy, and/or practice affecting the settings of youth between the ages of 8 and 25 in the United States; and reflects high standards of evidence and rigorous methods, commensurate with the project's goals.

The foundation's current Action Topic is improving the quality of afterschool programs. The foundation funds studies of how afterschool programs affect youth, research on attempts to improve these programs, and activities meant to strengthen the communication among researchers, policy makers, and practitioners in the afterschool field.

Amount: Varies

Date due: April 6, 2010 (Letter of Inquiry)

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Friday, February 5, 2010

NIH Research Conference Grant (Interdisciplinary Teams)

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) encourages Research Conference Grant (R13)applications from institutions and organizations that propose to develop interdisciplinary research teams. Teams must include investigators from the social and/or behavioral sciences, and may include the life and/or physical sciences. The goal is to broaden the scope of investigation into scientific problems, yield fresh and possibly unexpected insights, and increase the sophistication of theoretical, methodological, and analytical approaches by integrating the analytical strengths of two or more disparate scientific disciplines while addressing gaps in terminology, approach, and methodology. This program will allow investigators from multiple disciplines to hold meetings in order to provide the foundation for developing interdisciplinary research projects.

Amount: Varies

Date due: April 12, 2010; August 12, 2010

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